BLANKKI Products was founded in 2017 by a team of Artist & Music Enthusiasts. The goal was to bring to market quality Earphones, Headphones and Accessories at prices prices that would appeal to the masses. Having grown tired of the prohibitive cost of quality devices, Our CEO sought to find the best component manufacturers. That task continues with every new iteration of our products and with every new device we bring to market.


Our goal is to produce a high-quality line of audio accessories that go above and beyond the current products of today, and to satisfy the needs of the music-listening population. Anyone who listens to music looks for durability, performance, and convenience in their products. Here at Blankki, we strive to provide the best of all three of these qualities at a price the consumers can afford.


Our team aims to provide superior headphones while taking a stand to save our planet and find solutions to current problems within our industry. Blankki will strive to become a top 10 provider of headphones and accessories and attain revenues of $75 million over then next five years. Develop a Corporate Socially Responsible plan that will benefit the company, its shareholders and the world we live in.